Responding To Negative Yelp Reviews - By A Jewelry Expert

My business Bunny Diamond has recently had a string of bad yelp reviews.  

Customer reviews can be very influential when it comes to the growth of a business, and for some reason people read the negative ones first. Add the knowledge that 90% of the people who visit Yelp are just subconsciously looking for a reason not to bother. In other words, a negative comment can have a deep ripple effect. Here are some tips for responding to negative Yelp reviews.

Keeping calm should be your first response, because if someone is attacking your business it’s going to trigger emotions. The last thing you want to do is get personal in front of a big audience. Also take the time to read the review word for word. Studies show people typically rush through a paragraph and only take in the highlights. You want to have complete clarity on the situation before giving your reply.

yelpoThe next step is to research the review and see whether it holds any substance. Maybe the reviewer overreacted or your business really did mess up, which is going to play a big part regarding the apology. It will also help to research the reviewer if it’s possible. If he/she has a reputation for being critical then it’s going to count in your favor. Unfortunately most reviewers prefer to stay anonymous, so this option might not always be possible.

Regardless of whether the reviewer is right, your response should come through as understanding and sophisticated. If the problem really was on your end then simply apologize and assure everyone that the issue has been handled. You also want everyone to know that it won’t happen again.

However, if the problem is on the reviewer’s side then apologize in a different manner. For example, start the message with “I’m sorry you feel that way…” With respect to the reviewer you can defend your point of view using the research you did. Always remember that a large audience will be reading your response. Getting personal with the reviewer is only going to scare potential customers away.

Yes, a negative review can be devastating, but if handled correctly it won’t have such a dramatic effect. People can look past one or two issues if they know the business owner won’t stand to let it happen again.

In the case of a negative review on Yelp it doesn’t really matter who’s wrong or right. It’s all about how you approach the matter.

The best ways to store your tanzanite jewelry

Congratulations are in order if you find yourself the new owner of a beautiful, brilliant piece of tanzanite jewelry. Whether it is a tanzanite engagement ring, teardrop tanzanite pendant, or some other gift – now that you own it, you might be wondering about the best ways to store your tanzanite jewelry. Let’s go over my suggestsions.

In your bedroom

I’m a big believer in storing jewelry within jewelry boxes, and then the most used pieces you can hang on a jewelry tree or on a ring holder. This depends on who else has access to your bedroom (roommates, maids, guests), and how much you trust these people. If you wear your tanzanite rings and jewelry rings and pieces often, keeping them on a ring holder can be a convenient solution. If you wear your tanzanite less often, I suggest a jewelry box to lessen the amount of dirt and exposure to your jewelry.

At the gym

tanzanite+pendant_52If you’re an active individual, you might pop over to the gym after work, on your lunch break, or some other time when you haven’t yet made it back home. If this sounds like you, I suggest adding a cloth bag or portable jewelry box to your gym bag essentials. Especially for a stone like tanzanite, a cloth bag with a drawstring top is ideal because it protects the tanzanite from scratching, and being scratched, by anything else that happens to be jostling around in your gym bag (e.g., your keys, iPod, water bottle). Portable jewelry boxes can also work, you can even wrap your tanzanite ring or jewelry up in a soft cloth before adding it the box, to prevent it from being tossed around. We definitely recommend removing your tanzanite jewelry prior to any hard exercise routine or gym visit, just to be safe.

On the go

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself out and about and need to remove your jewelry or hide or take off your tanzanite ring, we recommend that you keep a small cloth bag in your purse. Place your tanzanite jewelry within this cloth bag so that it doesn’t get cut or damaged by whatever else is in your purse, and store it—ideally—in a zippered area. This way you lessen the chance that the bag accidently falls out, or piggybacks a ride on anything else you take out of your purse in the interim.

While washing dishes, gardening, cleaning

If it’s chore day at your house, you might consider hooking your tanzanite ring around your neck on a necklace chain, so that it doesn’t get overly wet in the sink, covered with dirt in the garden, or exposed to harsh chemicals while you clean. While tanzanite is rated to have a medium durability, you want to minimize the stresses that you put on your tanzanite wedding rings. You can also just store it in your bedroom, if you want.


If you’re putting away that tanzanite long-term, or keeping it for a special occasion, I suggest doing what many jewelers do. Use a tiny zip-lock bag (you can buy these at many craft stores) and add a strip of anti-tarnish paper inside the bag. Push all the air out, and drop it within a jewelry box that has a tight lock. If you do this, your jewelry (especially sterling silver) will not tarnish. Jewelry boxes with individual padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets also work well.

Remember: never just toss your tanzanite jewelry into a drawer or on top of your dresser – that’s just asking for scratches and damaged gems.